About Us

David Law

David has been involved in the field of cabinetry and finishing since 1977. Primarily overseeing the shop, Dave builds cabinets, mills moldings, finishes and submerses himself in his woodworks. His innovative mind and wealth of knowledge regarding products, techniques and equipment are at the very core of CCC and is what gives them the ability to completely encompass the cabinetry field with Refinishing, Refacing and Custom Built.


Melody Law

Melody’s passion lies in the design field, thus, taking the lead for the company in this area. Melody’s unique ability to interpret the customers style and desires and translate this into beautiful cabinetry that best suits them, gives CCC a definite edge in the field of cabinetry. In 1986, Melody glazed her first set of kitchen cabinets. Since then she has perfected the craft through artisan finishing courses and years of hands-on experience.


Michael Law

Michael has done just about everything possible in the construction field. His extensive understanding of the entire construction field has been an essential part of the company’s success. If you can dream it, Michael can not only build it, but it will be on time and under budget. His knowledge, work ethic and ingenuity make him an irreplaceable figure in the company.


Joe Law

We call Joe the “mouth” of the company. If you contact us, he’s the one you’ll be talking to. Joe started his training as a finisher under his father’s critical eye in the summer of 1995 when he was 12yrs old. Joe has been involved in finishing/painting ever since. He received an invitation to manage a local paint store for a few years as the family business was still growing. While there, he had the opportunity to experience a “behind the scenes” look at the coating industry, learning industry secrets and attending courses in coatings chemistry, application and color theory. Integrating this knowledge into CCC’s finishing systems has produced products of outstanding durability and beauty.