We have created this page in an effort to help inform the public about the entire cabinetry field. Considering we place “equal” importance on the entire field of cabinetry: Custom Built Cabinets, Semi-Custom Built Cabinets, Cabinet Refacing and Cabinet Refinishing, we hope to offer a truly unbiased opinion.


Custom Built Cabinets (all new cabinets):

CustomPage1-2Average Price: 8,000 – 15,000

Benefits: Having us build custom cabinets gives you complete creative control over the layout/color of the cabinets. You can redesign the entire flow of your kitchen, move appliances and adjust things to fit your specific needs. These cabinets will be built within fractions of an inch to fit your specific space/walls.

Disadvantages: Price and Time. Between the countertops, back splash, plumbers, electricians and other possible tradesmen, the cost can add up very quickly. You’re also looking at losing your kitchen (ie SINK!) for at least a couple of weeks.


Semi-Custom Built Cabinets or “Builder Grade Cabinets” (all new cabinets):

CustomPage3-2Average Price: 5,000-10,000

Benefits: Price is a big pull for this option. Semi-Custom cabinets only come in specific sizes/colors enabling mass-production of the cabinets, bring the cost down.

Disadvantages: Because these cabinets only come in specific sizes, your layout is subject to certain cabinet sizes and, more than likely, you’ll have some “spacers” mixed in with your cabinets to make them fit. And, like the Custom Built Cabinet option, you’re going to be without a kitchen for a while.


Cabinet Refacing (add a new surface to your “current” cabinet boxes and new doors and drawer fronts):

RefacePage2-2Average Price: 5,000-10,000

Benefits: Price and Time. Refacing your cabinets provides a HUGE change without the HUGE price tag of new cabinets and typically we’re done within a week. Massive savings are retained because it is not always necessary to replace counter tops, flooring, plumbing and electrical.

Disadvantages: To a certain extent, you’re still left with the current lay-out of your cabinets


Cabinet Refinishing (re-applying cabinet finish to your current cabinet boxes and doors/drawer fronts):

04AfterAverage Price: 3,500-5,500

Benefits: Low cost.

Disadvantages: You’re stuck with exact same cabinets/doors that you currently have. The general “rule of thumb” I tell people is, “if you have cheap oak cabinet doors and we refinish them, it’s going to look like we painted cheap oak cabinet doors.”

All these options fit wonderfully inside kitchen remodels. Your wants, expectations, desires and of course BUDGET (dare we even mention the word on the same page as “kitchen remodel?”) “should” influence your decision greatly. And please, be weary of companies that “really” only specialize in “one” of these options and swear “this option will solve all your problems, possibly even save mankind.”