Cabinet Refacing

Average Cost: 4,500-14,000

A very small percentage of the public even know what “Cabinet Refacing” is. Below, we will not only be explaining this process but, be shedding some light on this little known market.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

The cabinet industry considers “Cabinet Refacing” the process of removing the doors and drawer fronts off your current cabinet boxes. Then adding a new surface to your exsisting cabinet boxes and adding new doors and drawer fronts.

Why Choose Cabinet Refacing For Your Kitchen Remodel?

It saves you money. Refacing (if done correctly) can provide a HUGE improvement to the look and function of your kitchen with out “breaking the bank”. On average, most of our refacing projects can be performed for less than half the cost of new cabinets. Even further, savings are retained because it is not always necessary to ‘tear-out’ counter tops, flooring, plumbing and electrical. Refacing is also less invasive than the process of demolition and installation of new cabinetry. We complete most refacing installations within 2-5 days. To further minimize the impact of the installation process, we provide you full use of the kitchen each evening.

Cabinet Refacing Stigma?

Inside the Cabinet industry, there is a negative stigma regarding Cabinet Refacing and for good reason. Due to the fact that Cabinet Refacing is less complicated than building new cabinets, there have been many individuals, companies and franchises that have jumped into this market as a business opportunity. More often than not, these companies/individuals have produced low quality, poor preforming, mediocre looking kitchens. Because of this, people have developed an understandably cautious attitude toward Cabinet Refacing. We, however, are debunking this stigma! We have brought our Custom Built Cabinet quality and style to the Cabinet Refacing market!

Why Custom Classic Cabinetry?

Cabinet Refacing* We specialize in making your builder grade golden oak cabinets look and feel like high-end custom built cabinets! We offer the largest selection of color and style options in Northern Colorado. From basic stained finishes to hand-crafted 12 step finishes, our Cabinets are not only beautiful, but extremely durable. We also have the capability to match any color, style or effect, giving you complete creative control over your project.

* Another unique attribute that we have is our broad range of refacing materials and methods we offer. Depending on your needs, expectations and budget, we can reface your cabinet boxes with ¼ inch Solid wood, wood veneer and R.T.F. By us offering all three of these refacing systems, it allows us to give unbiased information to our clients about the refacing industry/pricing.

* One of the most common questions that we are asked is, “Can we blend our Custom Built Cabinetry with our Refacing?” and “YES”, with our company, you can. In fact, more than half of the Cabinet Refacing projects we do have some type of Custom Built Cabinet additions (this is showcased in the Refacing gallery).

*Service areas: Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Cheyenne.