Cabinet Refinishing

Average Price: 4,000-6,000

We have been refinishing cabinets since 1977 and have the largest selection of refinishing options in the area. Our time-tested processes paired with the dedication to the art of finishing has given us the ability to produce not only beautiful, but extremely durable finishes.

Cabinet RefinishingRefinishing your current cabinetry is an economical way to improve the look and feel of your cabinets. There are two refinishing processes that our company provides. Opaque finishes (paint) and Toned finishes. Within both of these processes, we offer an unlimited range of hand crafted techniques with glazing, antiquing, distressing, shading, crackle and textural effects.

Toned Finishes:

A translucent multi-coating system designed to be applied to your existing wood cabinetry. This coating system allows the natural wood grain to be seen yet still provides a wide range of color and depth. This gives us the unique ability to transform your yellowed cabinetry to colors like: Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany, Espresso, Nutmeg or custom matched to any color.

Solid-Color Finishes:

An opaque multi-coat system that provides countless color and style possibilities. We create designer looks, limited only by imagination with: tool/sand distressing, hand-rubbed glazing, textural effects, custom moldings, wood and hardware embellishments.