Custom Built Cabinetry

Average Price: 8,000-18,000

Our family offers the unique expertise for the design and fabrication of custom kitchen cabinets. We have brought strength, function and beauty into harmony to build not only breath taking kitchens but extremely durable cabinets.  In this modern era, space and time are more valuable than ever, we want the kitchen to be as efficient and comfortable to work in as possible. Function is key, yet we also understand that our clients want a custom kitchen that looks beautiful as well. Whether your tastes are contemporary, traditional or uniquely your own, we hope to provide you the platform to create the kitchen you have imagined.


CustomPage4-8* We design our cabinets “with” our clients and give them choices for the layout of their custom kitchen cabinets. We will not limit your design to incremental cabinet sizes or limited cabinet configurations. We can create any style that can be imagined.

* By choosing C.C.C. you are choosing to have the best service and the most enjoyable experience. We are committed to you enjoying this exciting venture of creating a new kitchen environment. Over the years, we have seen too many kitchens that did not provide adequate storage. We will help you to take advantage of the latest innovations in space-optimizing kitchen cabinet hardware.

* We bring generations of experience and the latest kitchen design research to help you create a kitchen environment that is ergonomically efficient. Like most people, you probably have experienced frustration with base cabinets and pantry cabinets that only have adjustable shelving. This arrangement requires one to bend over or get down on your knees to sort through 22 inches of cabinet depth to find what you are looking for. We will create optimal access to your storage space using drawers mounted on full-extension, soft-closing slides. We replace shelves in base and pantry cabinets with drawers and pull-out shelves. This enables us to ensure maximum usage of all the space in the cabinets.

* Price. Because you are dealing directly with the family that is constructing your custom built cabinets, our pricing tends to be about 30% less than our compeditors. This has caused our competition to try to instill fear in our clients by saying our quality must be poor with inferior materials and bad construction methods ect. ect.. Please, let me assure you, that we use the highest quality materials and methods. We would be happy to discuss these in detail over the phone or in person. We also have a HUGE list of amazing references and would love to take you to see our work. The truth is- we live modest lifestyles enabling us to charge a fair price for a extremely high qualitly product. Its honestly that simple.

Service areas: Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Cheyenne.